Hallelukah Ki Tov – 14 Conclusion

Yishlach Devaro Veyamses, Yashev Rucho Yizlu Mayim. Maggid Devarav Leyaakov, Chukav Umishpatav Leyisrael…. G-d sends His word and makes the snow melt, He makes the wind blow and the waters flow.

G-d shares His detailed words to Jacob, His laws and statutes to Israel. G-d did not do all of the above for any other nation.

The Psalmist concludes his description of the wonders of nature by noting the precision with which G-d converts and transforms the snow and ice. Some of it simply melts and dissolves, while some is Divinely directed towards rivers and streams maintaining and sustaining vegetation and animal life.

The last verses depart from worldly beauty and remark that G-d has only shared His Divine wisdom to Israel and to no other nation.

The commentaries explain the sudden change in topics – from nature to Torah. Rav Miller zt”l explains that just like the sages teach us, Derech Eretz Kadmah LaTorah – that kindness and morality must precede the study and fulfillment of Torah, so too before one may appreciate the spiritual grandeur of Torah, one must first recognize Hashem’s fingerprints (so to speak) on the universe.

It was discussed in the opening piece on Hallelukah Ki Tov that this Psalm reflects the Yemot Hamoshaich – the Days of Moshiach. It will be during this era that in addition to the Jewish nation all people will know G-d and understand that Torah is the one and only truth and law of the world.