Conversion to Judaism

The Orthodox Union does not perform conversions, nor do we provide classes for conversion candidates. We do, however, receive many inquiries about conversion, so we are providing this page to offer basic information and to direct interested individuals to appropriate resources.

Conversion is a long process; it could easily take two years of study (or more) to prepare for conversion. This is necessary because a convert must be adequately prepared to live an observant Jewish life. Accordingly, a candidate for conversion is expected to live in an area with access to basic Jewish resources - at the bare minimum, an Orthodox synagogue.

While there is a wealth of Torah-study resources available on the web, it is not possible to prepare for conversion exclusively online. The candidate must have access to a rabbi who is willing to mentor them and guide them through the process, commonly referred to as the "sponsoring rabbi." Conversion is something of a specialty. Just as not every doctor is a dermatologist, not every rabbi necessarily sponsors candidates for conversion. If an interested party doesn't live in an area with access to a sponsoring rabbi, it may be necessary to relocate in order to prepare for conversion. You can use the OU's Synagogue Finder tool to look for an Orthodox synagogue in your area. If the rabbi does not work with candidates for conversion, ask him to refer you to a colleague in the area who does.

For more information about conversion to Judaism, please visit the Geirus Protocols and Standards (GPS) web site of the Beth Din of America at If you have questions about conversion, please contact the Beth Din.