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Parve Food with Non-Parve Utensils: What Could Go Right?

Topics in Maintaining a Kosher Home - Part II: Parve Food with Non-Parve Utensils: What Could GoRight? You cooked plain macaroni in a dairy pot and then served it with pizza. Can you eat meatballs with the macaroni left in the pot? You cut an onion with a meaty knife. Can you eat the onion with cheese quiche?

Join Rabbi Eliyahu W. Ferrell, a Rabbinic Coordinator with OU Kashruth, as he helps you address the issue of parve foods used with dairy or meat utensils—including the unexpected issues with using knives. Tune in, and learn how to be a smart kosher cook and consumer!

This series is based on seminars Rabbi Ferrell delivered in 2011 in Congregation Ahavas Israel of Passaic, NJ, in memory of Mrs. Cathy Comins, z"l.