A New Look at the Haftarah of Behar

What is the connection between Parshat Behar and its Haftarah?

With the destruction of Yerushalayim imminent, Yirmiyahu (who is in prison) is told to redeem the land from his cousin in Anatot (even though the field is almost worthless because of the Babylonian takeover). He is then told to bury it in pottery so it will last a long time since there will yet be a redemption.

The concept in the haftarah is a manifestation of one of the mitzvot in the Parsha (Vayikra 25:25): "כי ימוך אחיך ומכר מאחוזתו ובא גאלו הקרב אליו וגאל את ממכר אחיו" - "living Torah"

Those who keep שמיטה are called גיבורי כח עושי דברו.

He then prays to God and says the city is already besieged why am I buying a field! God responds: "Is anything hidden from Me?"

In the Parsha the Torah says if you will say "what will we eat during shemittah - we aren't going to plant" (not IF but WHEN)! The starting point is we will listen to Hashem no matter what (נעשה ונשמע). Similarly, Yirmiyahu redeems the field first and only then asks. He too, is saying הן, just like the questioner in the Parsha.

Yirmiyahu refers to Gd as הקל הגדול והגבור - leaving out the word נורא (see Yoma 69).

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Delivered at the OU Israel Center, May 14, 2019 (9 Iyar 5775) This shiur is sponsored in loving memory of Mrs. Sally Brauer (שרה רבקה בת מאיר) of Chicago, by her family, on her fourth yahrzeit.