Many have the practice to recite, in the prayer following Shemoneh Esrei, a verse that starts and ends with the same letter as their name, or that contains their name, or both. This is considered a source of merit. In this series, we will briefly analyze these verses.

לוּלֵי תוֹרָתְךָ שַׁעֲשֻׁעָי אָז אָבַדְתִּי בְעָנְיִי

If not Your Torah had not been my occupation, I would have perished in my affliction. - Psalms 119:92

The Midrash teaches us that when a person who is besieged by troubles immerses himself in Torah, it brings him tranquility. Without Torah study, however, he will be overwhelmed by his problems and he will have no recourse but to give in to them.