Many have the practice to recite, in the prayer following Shemoneh Esrei, a verse that starts and ends with the same letter as their name, or that contains their name, or both. This is considered a source of merit. In this series, we will briefly analyze these verses.

רִגְזוּ וְאַל תֶּחֱטָאוּ אִמְרוּ בִלְבַבְכֶם עַל מִשְׁכַּבְכֶם וְדֹמּוּ סֶלָה

Tremble and do not sin; reflect with your heart upon your bed and be still. Selah! - Psalms 4:5

The Talmud (Brachos 5a) uses this verse as a mnemonic to explain the steps a person should take in order to fight his evil inclination (yetzer hara).

* Tremble and do not sin – a person should first rouse his good inclination to overpower his urge to do wrong;

* Reflect with your heart – if that doesn’t work, he should study Torah;

* Upon your bed – if one needs further reinforcement, he should recite the Shema (the mnemonic being that Shema is recited nightly upon our beds);

* And be still. Selah! – finally, if all else fails, one should contemplate the day of his death.

Verses for women's names may be found in the book Rigshei Lev by Rabbi Menachem Nissel, based upon Tefillah Yesharah/The Boston Siddur.